by mountain wasp

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three songs from my montreal year.


released March 2, 2012

rowan wasp wrote recorded and performed everything off this album, except for 'every time', written by dave hodge




mountain wasp Montréal, Québec

Mountain Wasp doesn't want to make it awkward... but you're dying.

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Track Name: l/r
the vinegar smell of my dog's face and the click of unplugged electric guitars keep me awake.
everything is abuzz.

like bugs, invisible ones, across my palms,
burrowing under your skin.
not to make it awkward,
but you're dying.

and i don't mind if we say it outloud.
it'll be easier the second time.
Track Name: your mother worries.
your family didn't know so you weren't cast aside, exactly,
but i can understand your apprehension
about the tension.

each time i leave the house i try so hard to breathe
and everyone who looks i feel their hands on me.
don't pay attention.

so he punched me and i savoured the taste.
i could hear her scream, my ears burned like fire.
we might die and be trapped in these bodies tonight
burning through our short lives.

so keep quiet at my funeral.
just close the lid.
pretend i never was.
cause your mother worries.
Track Name: (cackling hens and) the solitaire kid
technically every hand can be beaten.
so i can see how that must be satisfying.
everything laid out on your screen.
cards falling into suits so effortlessly and perfectly on the
calming, institutional green.
tidy and clean.

so i'll slide the suits under your door.
red and black and all out of order.
diamond cups to hold spaded hearts.
real hands using fingers to touch
these parts out on order
we're all out of order.

you don't have to open up.
Track Name: every time
this is one of my favourite songs.